Friends of Wisbech Institute run second trips to Cross Keys Bridge, Sutton Bridge, and Thomas Clarkson Academy

Cross Keys Bridge, Sutton Bridge. Picture: Ian Burt

Cross Keys Bridge, Sutton Bridge. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

VISITS to Cross Keys bridge, Sutton Bridge, and Thomas Clarkson Academy, in Wisbech, were so successful that the Friends of the Institute in Wisbech have organised repeat trips to both venues.

Chairman John Smith has organised a visit to Cross Keys bridge on April 10 and Thomas Clarkson Academy will welcome the group on Tuesday, March 19.

Mr Smith said: “After the first visit to Sutton Bridge, there was a clamour for another visit.

The state of the tide on April 10 will be similar to the last visit, so there is a chance we may see a ship go through the bridge.

“But in any case we will enjoy the magic that is lighting up time on the bridge. Visitors can admire the engineering, visit the control cabin and learn about the bridge’s history.”

Referring to the second visit to the academy, Mr Smith said: “The new building is well worth seeing and listening to principal Clare Claxton, talking of her vision for the future, will fill even the most sceptical with hope.”

Both visits are timed at 6.30pm. Tickets for both cost £5 for members and £8 for guests. Book at Etcetera in Wisbech, or call Mr Smith on 07777 322129.

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