If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood who you gonna call? Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators

THEY ain’t afraid of no ghosts - and they are ready to investigate paranormal activities across Fenland.

Becky Cooper and Vivien Powell, both of Chatteris, have formed Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators and hold their first major event at a Whittlesey pub next month.

Becky said: “We are both interested in the paranormal but there was no group around here and Cambridgeshire is very active.

“We have also been involved in other groups in the past, elsewhere across the country, so decided we would start a new group here.”

A committee of six has been formed for the non-for-profit group, with meetings taking place on the first Monday of every month at the Cross Keys Hotel, Chatteris, starting at 8pm.

Annual membership to the group costs �10 and covers public liability insurance.

Becky and Vivien have already held some small investigations across the region, including an event at the Rougham Control Tower near Bury St Edmunds.

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The group’s first major event takes place at the Dog in a Doublet pub in Whittlesey on February 18 from 11pm-4am. The pub has recently reopened after a major refurbishment.

Becky said: “We did some research into pubs and buildings where there have been alleged paranormal activities. We sent letters to these places and the first person to call us back was John McGinn (landlord) at the Dog in a Doublet.

“He said that while renovating the pub some of the builders felt forces present and that he can hear footsteps and voices - so he’s asked us to come in.”

It costs �5 to join investigators at the event.

Becky said: “We use the same equipment that’s used on TV programmes such as Most Haunted. We are happy to show people how to use it but people can also use their own equipment.”

• Memberships and places on the Dog in a Doublet investigation can be booked by calling Becky on 01354 693228 or Vivien on 01354 692347.

• More information can also be found by joining the Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators group on Facebook.

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