It’s thanks to these groups for organising the Wisbech Rose Fair

THE Wisbech Rose Fair is made possible through a variety of organisations, charitable institutions and local government offices.

It is all thanks to funding from Fenland District council and Wisbech Town Council, the hard work by voluntary organisations such as Wisbech Round Table which organises the parade and each and every one of the churches, shops, museums and historic houses which always provide entertainment and interesting displays for visitors and townsfolk.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your day at Wisbech’s Rose Fair.

•? Take advantage of the Park and Ride scheme. It will be almost impossible to park in town, no matter how early you set out.

?• On a hot day, make sure you have plenty to drink – hot and cold drinks will be widely available but carry a small bottle of water with you just in case you are out of range of shops or restaurants.

?• If you are going to photographically record the events of the day, make sure your camera is in perfect working order.

?• During the float parade, make sure you secure your place early on so that you have a good view as the vehicles pass by.

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?• Choose in advance which places you want to go and things you want to see. A little organisation means you will enjoy your time more. You may find that you need more than one day to fit everything in.

?• Wear appropriate clothes for your activities and for the weather. Don’t overdress for a hot day and make sure you have a waterproof with you in case of rain.