Light Cinema to screen Still the Enemy Within in collaboration with Wisbech, March & District TUC

Still the Enemy Within is screened at the Light Cinema on December 2.

Still the Enemy Within is screened at the Light Cinema on December 2. - Credit: Archant

Still the Enemy Within provides a first-hand insight into the experiences of those who lived through the miners’ strike of 1984. Wisbech, March & District Trades Union Council has organised a screening of the film for December 2 at the Light Cinema, in Wisbech. JOHN COOK, a retired member of the PCS Union, previews the screening and says it is a ‘must-see film’.

A collaboration between Wisbech, March & District Trades Union Council and the Light Cinema will screen the award-winning documentary Still the Enemy Within, on December 2.

If you dismiss this film as just another nostalgic film about the miners’ strike of 30 years ago and of interest only to ageing trade unionists, like myself, then you would be making a big mistake.

This is a film that ranks alongside Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine and Farenheit 9/11 in presenting a very different view from that previously presented in the media.

There are no interviews with politicians, trade union leaders or experts.

This is the raw story of the individuals who took part in the strike and their supporters.

Benefiting from recently released, never before seen archive material and film footage, director Owen Gower’s powerful documentary is a film for all generations.

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As one 16 year old in London remarked after seeing the film: “I loved the film, now what do I do to change things?”

Critics have also described the film as a companion piece to Billy Elliot and more recently Pride.

The production of Still the Enemy Within was supported by Lee Hall, writer of Billy Elliot, and contains a powerful interview with Pride star Mike Jackson.

If you enjoyed these two hit dramas, you will enjoy this film.

Ultimately, the film is a universal tale of ordinary people standing up for what they believe in and leaves the viewer to decide whether they agree with them or not.

At times sad, at times thrilling and at other times uplifting, this is a must-see film.

Still the Enemy Within is being shown on December 2 at 7.30pm, with a question and answer session hosted by a member of the production team. Tickets are £5 each. For students and the unwaged there are a limited number of tickets at £4, bookable from the Trades Council at For further information contact the Light Cinema on 01945 651410.

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