Love of animals shines through as Trish stages solo exhibition

ARTIST Trish Collyer’s love for animals is evident from her exhibition currently at Octavia View in Wisbech.

After moving to the Fens just a year ago she is thrilled to be bringing her work to the attention of the wider public thanks to the support of Atelier East.

The 55-year-old originally from Kent and who moved to Tydd St Giles from West Berkshire, has been sponsored by Atelier East after winning the Best in Show at its summer exhibition.

Down sizing to the wide open spaces of the Fens has proved a great inspiration to Trish who is mainly self taught and now teaches others. She has also created a successful cottage industry producing preserves.

She said: “I love animals and while the majority of the time it is dogs and cats I have done horses and even cows. I have always had dogs and ridden horses and was brought up in the countryside in Kent.”

With a large garden, Trish has been able to have a cabin built where she escapes to paint in watercolours or work in other mediums such as pastels, acrylics or graphite which produces extremely detailed pictures.

Her commissions for animals come from all over the world but she is also inspired by many other things including vegetables such as red onions and garlic. Trish also captures flowers, landscapes and produces some more esoteric work.

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Her solo exhibition runs for six weeks to March 3 and includes an open evening on Friday. Trish said: “I get a lot of pleasure from other people seeing my work.”