Meet Brett and ‘Santa Paws for Coffee’ at Chatteris Library for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

A HEARING puppy socialiser is offering the chance to ‘Santa Paws for coffee’ at a Fenland library and meet her latest recruit.

Deborah Maloney, of Chatteris, and her husband John are busy socialising five-month-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel Brett for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

She has organised a Santa Paws for coffee, which will take place at the Vermuyden Room at Chatteris Library on November 19 from 10.30am-12.30pm to raise money for the charity.

Christmas cards and festive-themed goods will also be sold alongside teas, coffees and cakes to raise money for the charity. There will also be guess the name of the hearing dog competition.

Three hearing dog puppies - including Brett - will be at the event.

Mrs Maloney said: “I’m often in Chatteris walking Brett around and people will stop and talk to us. But sometimes he jumps up everyone he meets and he can’t do that as a working dog so I just have to ignore people.

“I thought of holding a ‘paws for coffee’ so I could introduce Brett to the town, explain why I’m unable to stop and tell people a bit about the charity.”

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Money raised will help continue to train hearing dogs.

Mrs Maloney said: “People say they don’t know how I can socialise a puppy and then part with it. But I know there are more people out there that need him.

“It is sad when they go but I’m hopeful that he will have a lasting partnership with the people he works with.”

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