Nap along to Ride Along 2 at The Light in Wisbech

Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 - Credit: Archant

Sometimes you watch a film and leave captivated by the beautiful cinematography, enthralled by the plot, buzzing with the twists and turns of clever storytelling or grinning from having had a good old belly laugh.

And then you go and watch Ride Along 2.

And if you’re lucky you leave hugging yourself with pure joy that you chose to watch it in a cinema with super comfy seats like the Light in Wisbech that ensured a lovely relaxing nap.

Yes. It’s that bad.

If you like your films with little plot, big effects for no apparent reason, cheese-ball humour and a big build up with a predictably groaning finish then be my guest.

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To be fair, rapper Ice Cube is a good actor and plays a convincing role of hard edged cop James Payton.

Alongside him, however, is Kevin Hart who manages to make 70’s comic Benny Hill seem contemporary as he bumbles his way through slapstick humour in his role as sidekick rookie cop Ben Barber.

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With some Grand Theft Auto allusions thrown in for good measure and a likeable hit with the ladies Chinese nerdy computer hacker, (Ken Jeong), the comedy is sadly not even close to sharp.

The best thing about the film is some decent music, the most notable playing as the closing titles roll - the KRS track Sound of da Police.

A welcome tune after dozing in and out of consciousness for 102 minutes - in those comfy seats.

Ride Along 2 (12A) is showing at The Light this week.

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