New book of terrifying ghost tales from around Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Ghost Stories

Cambridgeshire Ghost Stories - Credit: Archant

Prepare to be Scared! A leading paranormal expert and author has gathered together some of the most terrifying tales from around Cambridgeshire for his new book.

Cambridgeshire Ghost Stories by Richard Holland brings together over 50 accounts that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Many of Cambridgeshire’s reported ghosts are shades of its monastic past, including phantom monks, robed in the black habits, and grey ladies which are probably apparitions of nuns.

Other reported ghosts are noisier and more dramatic and include highwaymen, riotous squires, civil war soldiers, knights on horseback and a black-clad man who drags a coffin down a flight of stairs.

There are also animal ghosts, in particular the alarming Black Dogs – huge, hellish hounds that pad along dark lanes and tracks through the Fens.

Published by Bradwell Books, Cambridgeshire Ghost Stories (ISBN: 9781902674742) is available from bookshops, supermarkets and Tourist Information Centres priced at £3.99.

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