Sweet Caroline and a dodgy knee - review of Olly Murs at Newmarket Nights

Olly Murs

Olly Murs paid tribute to his friend Caroline Flack during his concert at Newmarket's July Course on Friday evening - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Thousands of racegoers were treated to Essex singer Olly Murs' first show in two years as he took to the stage at Newmarket's prestigious July Course. 

Coincidentally, it is two years since I reviewed Rudimental at Newmarket Nights. It is fair to say quite a bit has changed since then but, thanks to an incredible performance from Murs, it didn't feel like it! 

Over the years, I have seen quite a few Newmarket Nights gigs - ranging from Girls Aloud to Meatloaf - which hopefully gives you some indication of my questionable musical tastes. 

Olly Murs and Newmarket Nights

Partygoers are enjoying a return to gigs after the coronavirus crisis forced many performances to be cancelled - Credit: Megan Ridgewell

However, I struggle to remember a show better than the one Olly Murs put on last night.

Performances of his hits and some classic covers were note-perfect and, despite his knee 'popping'  a few songs in, he still managed to pull off some impressive dance moves. 

Murs genuinely seemed chuffed to be back performing with his talented band and backing singers, who he obviously has a great relationship with.

Nearing the end of the concert, he paid tribute to his friend Caroline Flack - saying he promised himself he would dedicate a song to her next time he was on stage.

Olly Murs at Newmarket Nights

Olly Murs still managed to give the crowd an energetic performance, despite injuring his knee during the concert - Credit: Charlotte Bond

His choice of England's summer anthem - Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline - was uplifting and touching, as he explained: "I know this is the kind of song she would want to be singing." 

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The atmosphere as he sang was brilliant and you could tell the crowd's reaction meant the world to him, which is understandable after what must have been a tough two years away. 

My personal highlight was his inclusion of lesser known hit Thinking of Me, which took me back to a time when my varied musical taste got me through my own tough spell. 

It really felt as though Murs didn't want the show to end, even though his dodgy knee might be disagreeing with him this morning! 

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Olly Murs

Olly Murs was glad to be back in front of a large crowd after two years away - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Olly Murs performing at Newmarket Nights on Friday, July 30

Essex singer Olly Murs performing at Newmarket Nights on Friday, July 30 - Credit: Charlotte Bond

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