REVIEW: Hacksaw Ridge. The mind blowing true story of a soldier who went to battle in World War II but refused to pick up a gun

Hacksaw Ridge, the Mel Gibson directed movie based on the true story of soldier Desmond Doss

Hacksaw Ridge, the Mel Gibson directed movie based on the true story of soldier Desmond Doss - Credit: Archant

Hacksaw Ridge is a must see film that tells the extraordinary true story of a solider who volunteered for service in the American army after being horrified by the atrocities of Pearl Harbour.

Except this soldier had no intention of picking up a gun and fighting.

Desmond Doss wanted to go in to battle with the other soldiers as a medical officer armed with just his strong faith and a copy of the Bible.

Officers initially tried to get Doss kicked out for being crazy as they said his refusal to take orders and pick up a gun meant he was a risk to the other men.

But in this incredulous tale, Doss earns his place in the platoon sent to Hacksaw Ridge, one of the bloodiest battles in WWII on an island off the mainland of Japan.

This Mel Gibson directed movie follows the life of conscientious objector Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, as he joins the Battle of Okinawa.

With the terrifying uproar of war ringing in their ears, fellow soldier Zane (Luke Pegler) mutters he can’t believe Doss is crazy enough not to carry a weapon.

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“I never claimed to be sane!” smiles Doss.

Doss was a patriot with strong Seventh Day Adventist beliefs who wanted simply to be a doctor on the field of battle.

And in no holds barred scenes of fighting, he rescues 75 men injured in battle - dodging bullets as he runs to drag wounded men off the field.

It is a story of courage, determination and moreover the strength of human nature.

The battle scenes keep you pinned to your chair and the gore feels necessary rather than gratuitous.

As the credits rolled somebody sitting behind me let out an almighty “wow”. Indeed.

An incredible story, incredibly portrayed.


Certificate 15


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