REVIEW: The Secret Life of Pets is a cute and colourful family-friendly animation

The Secret Life Of Pets.

The Secret Life Of Pets. - Credit: Sub

Based around the eight or so hours that animals are left to their own, often chaotic devices, this eye-popping New York City-based animation comes from Illumination Entertainment, the creative group who brought Minions to life.

TSLOP focuses on Max, a dog who truly loves life with his adoring owner Katie, but his serenity and tail -wagging outlook is soon threatened when a big, hairy, slobbery Duke comes barging through the apartment door.

A power struggle leads to the pair getting into a lot of trouble with a horde of thieving, scary-looking stray cats and the forgotten “flushed alliance” pets, led by a menacing buck-toothed fluffy white rabbit voiced crazily by Kevin Hart.

Joining him is Tattoo, a pig who used to live in a tattoo parlour as a test subject, and several others living in the sewers plotting their revenge against humans.

There’s romance, as well, as a cute, wide-eyed Gidget - Max’s neighbour - rounds up her pet pals to try and find Max and Duke so she can express her love in the hope of the pair living happily ever after.

Pops, a paralysed elderly dog whose legs are in a wheelchair, leads the search party, alongside a hawk, an adorable guinea pig, a pug, a sausage dog and a cake-loving cat called Chloe.

There’s enough here to keep adults entertained as well as children: think Finding Nemo - it tackles grief, briefly, for a few scenes - meets Flushed Away, but sadly it’s no Zootropolis.

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Watch out for heavy metal loving poodle Leonard, though, because he’s the unsung hero here, who undoubtedly should have been granted more screen time.

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