REVIEW: The Wedding Singer - currently at the Cambridge Corn Exchange until Saturday April 1 - is a foot tapper that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling

The Wedding Singer is at the Cambridge Corn Exchange later this month.

The Wedding Singer is at the Cambridge Corn Exchange later this month. - Credit: Archant

Ever wondered what it would be like to hear Ruth Madoc of Hi-de-Hi fame rap - well wonder no more as you can find out this week at the Cambridge Corn Exchange where she is part of a great cast currrently performing in the musical ‘The Wedding Singer’.

This kitsch throwback to the ‘80s, based on the huge hit film of the same name, is an energetic, foot tapping hour and a half of fun or two with the interval - with a touch of sauciness thrown in.

Fans of the film may be disappointed to learn there are at most only two or three numbers from it in this stage version. The rest of the songs are specially written for this musical.

But don’t let that put you off, you may not know the songs, but they have you tapping your feet and wriggling in your seat, they are as one woman behind me said ‘very catchy tunes’.

The whole cast is very strong, full of energy and give a very slick performance and that includes Ruth Madoc’s rap.

Wannabe rock star Robbie Hart (Jon Robyns) is working the wedding circuit while waiting for his big break - he is the toast of New Jersey bride and grooms that is until his own wedding dreams are dashed at the altar.

From then on he is mired in doom and gloom and his wedding performances are, to put it mildly, far from happy.

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Enter kind hearted waitress Julia Sullivan (Cassie Compton) who with her pal Holly (Roxanne Pallett) tries to encourage Robbie to rebuild his life after being ditched by his fiancee, Linda (Tara Verloop).

Unsurprisingly Robbie falls for the lovely Julia, but sadly for him she’s engaged to the cash hungry and very obnoxious Glen Gulia (Ray Quinn).

Quinn’s star moment comes in the second half with ‘All about the green’ a brilliant number, which sums up the ‘80s obsession with making big bucks.

Ruth Madoc plays Robbie’s grandmother and landlady - he lives in her basement - Rosie, who likes to shock with anecdotes of her youth.

The show makes a nod or two to the film including a false Billy Idol turning up together with other false ‘80s icons, in the second half of the show.

All the leads give strong performances Cassie Compton has a beautiful voice, while Jon Robyns is equally excellent - hitting just the right note with the range of tunes he is faced with including ‘Somebody kill me’ which film fans will recognise.

But my particular favourite performer was Samuel Holmes who hams it up perfectly as George - the Boy George wannabe member of Robbie’s band.

The rest of the ensemble also give excellent performances making the whole show exuberant and fun and leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling as you head home.

The Wedding Singer is at the Corn Exchange until Saturday (April 1). Tickets are priced £27.25 to £38.75.

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