REVIEW: Trolls is a candy coloured Dreamworks delight

Trolls is showing at the Light Cinem at Wisbech

Trolls is showing at the Light Cinem at Wisbech - Credit: Archant

A candy-sweet, adorable animation is the sure-fire winner movie that is Trolls.

With sway-along tunes and likeable characters there is no clever story telling or lessons to learn.

Instead you are hit with a Dreamworks delight about Trolls - cute little creatures who are fodder for giant Bergens who once a year have a festival to eat them as they think this is the only way they will be happy.

Despite the constant Bergen threat these little Trolls remain multicoloured party people who have hourly hugs and sparkle-infested raves, headed up by their leader, Princess Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick).

She is a heroine who blends girl power, with girly charm, a glittery scrap booking hobby and amazing pink hair.

Cue her side kick unlikely hero. The security-conscious Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) who is a grey, bunker-dwelling, hug-hating cynic.

Together the pair go on a rescue mission to the heart of Bergentown to save the Troll community with plenty of laughs, popular songs and one-liner fun along the way.

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Trolls is a ship-shape shiny, unadulterated simple pleasures, fun film to watch and is a perfect movie for grown ups and children of all ages - including teenagers!

If ebay is anything to go by, with its page upon page of Trolls paraphernalia (loved the film that much I checked when I got home), this film is going to be one of the hits of 2016.Check out times at The Light.

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