The story that inspired Disney’s Frozen is coming to Wisbech

Snow White at The Angles

Snow White at The Angles - Credit: Archant

The tale that inspired Disney’s popular film Frozen is coming to the stage at Wisbech.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen will be performed by the Angles Theatre’s RATz company throughout December, from Friday 11 to Thursday 31.

The pantomime is written by Dave Jeanes.

The show tells the story of Granny, her granddaughter Gerda and Kai her best friend.

One day Kai decided to look into Granny’s magic mirror. Gerda desperately warned him not to but Kai ignored her and looked anyway.

He was immediately grabbed by the evil Snow Queen through the mirror and straight to her ice palace.

Gerda and Granny rush to the Snow Queen’s ice palace to rescue Kai joined by Snow Elf to keep an eye on them and his silly friend, Jack Frost.

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Meanwhile the Snow Queen, who would love to have a King, tried to persuade Kai to become her King so they could rule the Snow Kingdom together.

Expect magic, tension, laughs and fun along the way in this action packed show.

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