There’s something wrong with the sky! Exhibition of refugee portraits in Peterborough

Bernadetta Omondi

Bernadetta Omondi - Credit: Archant

A touring exhibition of refugee portraits and stories is at Peterborough Cathedral.

Joe Stirling

Joe Stirling - Credit: Archant

The title of the exhibition, There’s Something Wrong With The Sky, comes from something the son of one of the refugees said when they first arrived in England.

Sanusi Shaiyen

Sanusi Shaiyen - Credit: Archant

It was so cold and grey that he thought the sky was broken.

The free exhibition is of fifteen striking portraits of older refugees living in East Anglia created by the Cambridge-based artist Jonny Boatfield .

It is in Peterborough Cathedral from Tuesday July 8 to Thursday 24.

The exhibition is part of a project looking at the significance of the role older refugees have played in our society, particularly in relation to integration.

While the individuals were sitting for their portraits, each of the refugees told Jonny his or her own story. These can be read as part of the exhibition.

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The exhibition is in the new building at the far end of the Cathedral. Admission is free, and opening times are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm on Saturday and 12 noon to 3pm on Sunday.

This exhibition was on display in Cambridge during Refugee Week and is touring other locations around the East of England.

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