Vaccine centre closure date announced amid 60,000 doses target

Doddington vaccination centre will deliver Covid-19 booster jabs for the last time at the centre

Doddington vaccination centre will deliver Covid-19 booster jabs for the last time at the centre this weekend (November 27-28). - Credit: DODDINGTON VACCINATION CENTRE

One of Fenland's most successful vaccination centres is scheduled to close on July 31 as "all first and second doses will have been given". 

The team at Doddington Vaccination Centre say they have now sent out invitations to all patients over the age of 18 and that there will only be two more Astra Zeneca clinics for second doses there. 

"This means we are on the home straight," they say, encouragining all patients who are invited to make an appointment to get the vaccine. 

"It is safe and effective, and already the new 'Delta' variant is on the march across Britain, causing deaths and illness, not just in the elderly.  

"The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer susceptible people there will be, so the virus will peter out."

The centre added that, while they are only using the Pfizer vaccine on people under 40, there is still a large stock of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, which is for second doses. 

"The increase in protection from the second dose of AZ is significant: 60 vs 95 per cent protection."

The team is also trying to alleviate concerns, saying: "There is a lot of anxiety about blood clots after the AZ vaccine, but this is very rare, and if it did not happen after the first dose, it will not happen after the second.

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"This is because the problem is related to a rare, probably genetic predisposition to clotting." 

The centre added that, by the time of the planned closure, almost 60,000 doses of the vaccine will have been given. 

"As we near the end of this process, we are planning for the closure of the vaccination centre, which will happen on July 31.  

"By that time, all first and second doses will have been given.

"We will have given nearly 60,000 doses of vaccine and, we would like to thank all those people who have made this possible."

The Doddington surgery is among five sites run by Fenland Group Practice, which also includes surgeries in Manea, Wimblington, Priors Field in Sutton and Rainbow in Ramsey.